About You & I

I'm a life paragraph. I’m here to help you add your own text to your life and edit it. It’s easy. Just click “edit me” in your mind or double click "read me" and you can start adding your own content and make changes to your life. Feel free to get in contact anytime that you're ready for the change. It's a friendly and warm environment for you to tell your story and go deeper within.

​This is a great space to do a life review about your journey so far. You can use this opportunity to go into a little more detail about your life purpose. Talk about your beliefs and what drives you in. Tell yourself the story of how you came about life and rediscover your own uniqueness.  Bring yourself back to life and show your inner mind who you really are. In the process I'll help YOU HEAL YOURSELF.

Faddic Fady Habib You & I Healing Sketch Ink.png
Faddic Fady Habib You & I Healing Sketch Ink.png

Take your healing journey as an art form, you'll find joy in the process.



What is Healing?

I could start by saying healing is about balancing your chakras, cleansing your aura, making you happy, successful, fixing a relationship... etc. The list is long. But is that what it's about? 

To cut it short, healing is bringing you back to the best version of you in the now. It’s not your highest potential, as your potential is yet to come in the future, it’s more about your capacity in the now. Addressing any unbalanced issues in your life, resolving any lingering trauma, LETTING GO of any limited beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward. Complete detachment from everything else that is not you.


Healing is not about adding something new to you, rather unveiling what is preventing you from reaching that sense of inner joy. You’re perfect as you are even with your flaws, simply because they are yours, and they form your personality and character. We’re not here to alter that! We’re here to help you understand how this uniqueness in every individual is what makes them. No self-judgment, acceptance is the key, and from there, you will keep going higher to reach more self-love. If you resonate with this idea then you can save yourself the time and energy and start loving yourself in the now.

And if you truly can’t, only then our job as healers is temporarily needed, just to give you that extra push, shake your tree and tap on the right buttons to make you remember what you already knew as a child. Healers are not physicians, neither magicians. They just hold the right space for you to heal. 


“To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” Lao Tzu


Meaning, go back to basics and LET GO of all these unnecessary negative beliefs that you gained from this life. Go back to being a fearless innocent child that cares for nothing except for the joy of the moment, feeling safe and loved without reason, loving yourself as you are, before knowing what you will achieve and being at peace with what you did or did not do. No matter how old you are, you’re still a child in this endless universe. Enjoy the ride Dear One. 

Be on the moving train of Now, You'll live more stories than books can conceive."


What can you receive

Light Faddic Fady Habib Healing Spiritual Guidance Art ink Angel.jpg
Light Faddic Fady Habib Healing Spiritual Guidance Art ink Angel.jpg

You're a constant learner.  Claim your own knowledge.

Light Faddic Fady Habib Healing Spiritual Guidance Art ink Angel.jpg

You're  far away and you can't hear yourself. Get in touch.

Light Faddic Fady Habib Healing Spiritual Guidance Art ink Angel.jpg

You're a white canvas. Get inspired and start painting your own life. 



“Fady is an exceptional healer that works on many levels from the physical to the spiritual and I always leave a session feeling like my soul has been touched by his kindness. He is the first healer that I have come across that is able to address any given concern problem or pain on all levels including emotional, energetic and psychological. His words of wisdom and profound insights have brought an inner calmness to my often-overactive mind. His kindness has helped to mend my broken heart, and his healing hands and energy work have left me feeling light and radiating."

Lucille Korwin / Design Director / Poland

Fady amazes me with his insights on my spiritual experiences and the answers I got were clear and touched me deep with an understanding that is beyond this realm. His healing sessions bring clarity, a knowing, and an understanding of what is and what should be done. The mystic experiences I had with Fady were truly magical, I was able to access my past lives, and come to a deep understanding. 

So I believe everyone has a different mystical experience and answer with Fady. As for his card readings, the most accurate and revealing I have ever been to, and always a to go to for a consultancy. Fady’s friendly, blissful and mystic demeanour brings peace and joy into all those in his vicinity, and let’s not forget his jokes haha.  Blessed to have come across him in this soul journey, as I see him as a brother, healer, and mentor."

Sulaiman Amhaz / Behavioral Analyst / UAE

“I had an incident of very deep dog bite on my wrist in a way that I was able to see deep inside my hand. I can't explain how Fady by keeping his tip fingers on my wound and giving energy he was able to heal the wound within 15 min. Then all what I could see some sort of scratch. It was unbelievable!!! Thanks to him."

Yasmina / Business Owner / Iran

"After a very tough year of treatment for breast cancer, followed by a relationship breakdown my energy and spirit were very low... After just one healing session with Fady I felt a positive shift in both mind and body - I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Fady is both a dedicated healer and a remarkable human being... he has the ability to work intuitively and is passionate about helping others, my life has been blessed since we crossed paths."

Charlotte Robineau / Therapist / UK

"What Fady did to my energy isn’t something I can fully understand but what happened in my life after seeing him, is beautiful. He changed so much about my energy and impacted me so positively, lots of doors opened in my life that were stuck.  A lot was happening with me mentally and physically then after seeing Fady there was a lingering dark cloud that just went away."

Mudar Muhissen / AI and automation specialists / Syria

"Fady has helped me immensely through what has been the most difficult test in my life so far. I was so low and couldn't see any hope in my situation, but then came Fady. As soon as I started talking to Fady I already felt more at peace. During and after the healing I can only describe the feeling as a huge weight being lifted from shoulders. I vividly remember a few days later walking in the mall and noticing I had a spring in my step that had been missing for a long long time! I will be eternally grateful to Fady for providing me with the tools to go through this difficult time with a lot more peace and clarity."

Janelle Houston / Instructor / Scotland

"Fady and I crossed paths by chance, but he has become an integral part of my life ever since. I have done few sessions with him, but his healing was an extraordinary experience for me. I cried, laughed, had a burst of sensations and emotions.  I felt exhilarated and relieved. He even did a healing for my sick cat and she recovered rapidly after that. I recommend Fady to my friends and I don't miss a moment catching up with him for a chat.

Tsvetelina Nedyalkova / Real Estate / Bulgaria

"Fady painted a beautiful masterpiece live at one of our events which created a lot of engagement with the audience. It was an awesome experience for everyone to follow the creation process from the start to the end and Fady’s paintings bring an extraordinary energy to any room. 

I personally have experienced energy healing sessions with Fady as well at a time of my life that everything felt out of control. The healing sessions and Fady’s wise words helped me to look at life differently and get back on track. I’ve learned so much about energy since then which has been life changing and I highly recommend the sessions to everyone to maintain their energy alignment."

Mona Tavassoli / Founder of Mompreneur / Iran

I was taken aback by the compassion I experienced during my first session with Fady. It reminded me how simple yet profound the act of compassion is. There’s no judgement - just acceptance. One of the lessons I walked away was to embrace it all! Embrace all that life has to offer without questions, judgement or expectations. Once you master this, you realise you are a lot more than you limit yourself to be!

Mini Rez/ Free Spirit / UK

"Most people do not believe in miracles, but I have seen it first-hand performed by Fady. He changed my life and healed my soul. He brought back life and the meaning of it to my existence. I am and will always be grateful for this."

Sepideh Stella / Oil & Gas / Iran

"Fady has drastically changed my life. He guided me at times when I thought it was pretty much the absolute end for me. He helped me with different aspects in my life that I didn’t know troubled me so much. His energy is lively and soothing, he brings a lot of peace and comfort with his presence. His passion for healing is exceptional and it all comes so naturally for him. I was always skeptical about how spiritual healing worked but ever since I’ve embarked on this journey, it has been a transformation for me. He lead the way to inner discovery and trauma release. I am grateful for him and blessed to know him."

Rania Salem / Psychologist / Jordan

"After having my first session with Fady the first thing I noticed is he took his time to talk to me before the healing to see what I was feeling and where I was in my life. Once the healing started I felt very calm and the affirmations he spoke to me during the healing really resonated with me perfectly. They were given just for me and my situation. Afterwards I felt calm and peace. 

It is best to go home and relax and rest after as the full healing takes place even after the session is over."

Punam Verma / TV Presenter - Journalist / UK

"I truly believe , that Fady came in my life at the right time and for the right reason.

This person is absolutely amazing ! The sessions I made with him , helped me through a lot with the drama that was going on at that time. I want to mention that all the sessions we made , were actually online , and that proves that distance doesn't matter and he is good at what he is doing ! I totally recommending him if you're going through some though times and looking for healing."

Adina Oros Gross / Marketing / Romania-USA

"Fady is an angel in human form, his energy and vibe says it all. He guided me through fear, anger, depression, and anxiety. He showed me how to priorotize my emotions and focus on how unique I am as  an individual and how to bring about the best in myself. In a nutshell, he helped me focus on my strengths while accepting my weeknesses, he helped me see that being human is a day by day journey and we can choose whether to live it in pain or in joy. This in-turn has helped me greatly with my perspective on life and coaching others. "

Basel Zahr / Education Consultant / Australia