An Alien Belief!

Aliens, The real ones...

This is not about convincing you if they exist, I’m not going there, convincing someone is not my business, the News and the officials will deliver it in a brighter way very soon. This is more about the core beliefs and the cultural beliefs and how we form an idea around the untouchable and the unseen. The UNKNOWN.

The real problem with the way we view potential aliens is how they were firstly introduced to us by Hollywood and the mass media. Early movies like “War of the Planets” from 1953, and the Mel Gibson movie “Signs” portrayed aliens as strange grey or green creatures coming to invade planet Earth. Even though they are just blown up Hollywood movies, don’t underestimate the core belief that they created inside the mind-set. And we’ve been trained to see them that way ever since. Something to fear, just like we fear other unknowns.

Ask yourself this simple question, why do people believe in some unseen realities but not in other ones? Those who are religious would believe with faith and hope simply because they have no answers to their questions, and it’s more comforting to leave it with God. And sometimes, because as they say “I’ve seen the miracles of God performed in front of my own eyes”, “I can feel him in my heart”.

My question is, how do we believe in the unknown here without fear? It’s again because how the early media (religious books) portrayed it, and how the belief system been passed on from generation to another. And it’s not just about God! The saints, angels, prophets and old masters...etc. We’ve been told about it but haven’t seen any in person. But, we’ve been told about it in the nice way. They’re good messengers who are here to HELP us, they come with peace spreading love and light and all the good deeds. And so, we accept that as a possibility because we’ve heard the words spoken and saw its implication on humanity, and how it shifted the awareness towards the good instead of the evil actions. (Not applicable to all).

Those who are more scientific, would believe only with facts and proofs. And I’m with them too on this one. But do they also spend their time in a laboratory trying to prove a theory that is yet to be seen, touched and proven? Surely, they do, that’s what science is all about. So how come they have that blind faith and believe now! Simply because they saw a possibility somewhere for a new discovery. So please let’s not say that science have no faith in the unknown and everything has to be proven first.

The difference is, science is excited and looking forward for a change, Religion fears it. Because it will shake the whole belief system, it will hurt the ego first, we can’t adapt with ease in changing a core belief that will rock our cultural beliefs all together. This will not only shake the tree, it will pull it off from the roots. Here, where the underlying fear lays. That’s why, the alien message has been so subtle and hasn’t been delivered to us in the face. We’re not ready. We prefer to take it every day in small sips with a tea spoon, till it sits in comfortably inside the gut.

Messengers not invaders.

My follow up question would be:

Has anyone seen an alien? Yes. Even if it’s a claim, let’s move above that now and ask;

Has anyone reported anyone been eaten by an alien? No. Not even a claim. So why then we fear them!

Has anyone seen a spaceship? Yes, (again, even if it’s a claim).

Has anyone reported a spaceship shooting laser at a village in somewhere-shire here on Earth? Nope. Not even a claim.

So why then we’re more likely to buy the idea of invasion than believing that they are too, messengers of love and peace.

If you want to say; because we didn’t hear the spoken words of peace and love and haven’t seen the positive implication yet. I would say, we all did. we just didn’t know it’s an alien idea. Our perception and our reality detoured the source to think that it is coming from above ignoring that this same “above” is where alien comes from. A higher dimension, on a higher frequency, with a more evolved species.

Beliefs, have to change. 

Aliens are not a freak of nature, an alien simply mean a foreign and unknown object, a being or even an idea. The cosmos is not a freak! It’s is still unknown and foreign to us the same way an alien spaceship is. We know so little about it. A beautiful manifested angel is an alien to me the same way that the green one is, Another pretty colour and form. They’re just all higher beings from higher dimensions and it’s up to us how we accept them both as they come.

If someone thinks that this vast universe was created just for a singular species and for just one planet among the trillions out there, then also they believe that God lacks the possibilities, he’s limited and has lack of imagination. Also, it is so self-centred to think that we are the chosen race, as if we’re saying that God is racist and he picks sides. Just common sense would be good from time to time to know where to draw the line between what’s real and what is a fiction.

Now, do you want to hear the alien’s spoken words? They are not so different from what the ancient Gods said, and not so different from what science is trying to prove: Endless loving light inside you and on different dimensions.

Read the message @ Awakened Travellers. It’s there for the world to see.

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