About Me

Fady Habib Aka  "Faddic" is  a Professional Spiritual Coach, a Counsellor, Energy Healer, Meditation Specialist and an intuitive channeller. He received his early esoteric teachings at the age of 11 when he started to naturally channel, astral travel and practice various healing techniques with his hands. Working with the pulse, connecting the meridians and touching on the cells memories. He later went on to study more about philosophy, psychology, and the human body before adding to it all different healing modalities such as;

Quantum Touch,  Theta Healing,  Time-Line Therapy,  Angel Therapy,  Reiki,  Pranic Healing,  7 Rays of Light,  Qi-Gong,  Jin Shin Jyutsu,  Dorn Therapy,  Emotional Coding,  Past Life Regression, Breathing Techniques,  Sound Healing,

Chakras balancing, Aura Cleansing, and some other intuitive channeled Light-Work.

His practice in deep meditation, following different schools, is clearly reflected in Faddic’s life and teachings, believing in the higher soul and the awakening of the subconscious. Following none in particular and believing in ALL, ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the thread that runs through all his knowledge.

His core values: Awakening, Peace, Joy, Love, Freedom, Balance and Acceptance.

Faddic is also an artist. 

Born in Beirut in 1974, studied at the Lebanese University of Beaux Arts and graduated as an Interior Architect in 1999. With high creative skills, Fady combined between Writing, Painting, Sculpting, Calligraphy, Photography, Graphic Design and Interior Design to create his own philosophy in Arts Called “The Untitlism” adding a modern touch to the old schools believing in a movement that talks about Unity in Diversity, mixing cultures and believes over one canvas.

Surreal and Realistic, Spiritual and Daring, Just as Diversity of visions, the technique took the same line: Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Mix Media, Photography and Writings. Every Painting has a written story under it, every photo has a visual poetry within.

Moved to Dubai in 2003 to work as a Creative Director for an Interior Design firm. His first solo exhibition was held at Gallatea Art Gallery, Dubai Marina in 2012, while keep on commissioning his Artworks with different Private collectors, and teaching arts to beginners from kids to adults.

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